Meet Sigmund

Sigmund is our artificial intelligence engine that uses data to understand the human approach to decision making.

Step 1: Leave BreadCrumbs

Humans leave traces of themselves all over the internet

Step 2: form psychological profile

Sigmund uses these breadcrumbs to form a thesis of each person’s psychological profile

Step 3: Create relevant messaging

Sigmund creates messages based on the psychological profile

Step 4: improved results

We serve these messages to your customers, improving your results

The Benefits 

Single, platform to manage your AI powered Ads.

Connect your Facebook Ad Manager, Google Ads Platform or LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and get started with a few clicks!

Machine learning, made easy

No code required, GDPR-compliant profiling that drives results and learns as it goes!

Understand your audience and the triggers that drive them!

Sigmund’s profiling and content engines work in tandem to drive significant ROI lift to your marketing campaigns

Outbound Messages Served

Sales Conversations Created

Happy Clients

What we do 

Using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and a lot of Data, we analyze human approaches to decision-making and apply it to your messaging, improving the results you need.

Recommended Insights 

A Vision for Sigmund

A Vision for Sigmund

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