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Using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and a lot of Data, we analyze human approaches to decision-making and apply it to your messaging, improving the results you need.

Meet Sigmund


Sigmund is our artificial intelligence engine that uses data to understand the human approach to decision making.

The Sigmund Process

Leave Breadcrumbs

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Humans leave traces of themselves all over the internet

Form Psychological Profile

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Sigmund uses these breadcrumbs to form a thesis of each person’s psychological profile

Create Relevant Messaging

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Sigmund creates messages based on the psychological profile

Improved Results

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We serve these messages to your customers, improving your results

What We Offer

Marketing & Advertising

Sigmund Marketing, when applied to social media and digital advertising, uses AI to improve traditional marketing ROIs.

A completely done-for-you solution, Sigmund Marketing uses Meta Business Suite and Google Ads to drive results through hyper-accurate AI targeting and psychologically driven messages that are miles ahead of traditional marketing.

Lead Generation

Powerful AI-driven lead generation tools that integrate with LinkedIn and Email, applied to revenue and demand generation, fundraising, and talent acquisition.

Branding & Content Creation

Our brand research and measurement services uncover what needs to be done to improve your brand through a 4 step process, under the STEPPS framework in creating viral and meaningful content consistently for your target audience.

Ask Sigmund

(Coming soon!)

Ask Sigmund is a predictive analytics platform that helps you engage with your current customers. Our alpha clients have used Ask Sigmund to predict the propensity for high ROI behaviors, which leads to being able to predict the propensity to transact. Ask Sigmund also helps predict increased risk-taking behavior and churn.

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