Meet Sigmund, Our AI Driven Psychological Profiling Engine

Sigmund is our artificial intelligence engine that uses data to understand the human approach to decision making.

Step 1: Leave BreadCrumbs

Humans leave traces of themselves all over the internet

Step 2: form psychological profile

Sigmund uses these breadcrumbs to form a thesis of each person’s psychological profile

Step 3: Create relevant messaging

Sigmund creates messages based on the psychological profile

Step 4: improved results

We serve these messages to your customers, improving your results

Sigmund Sales is suitable for:

  • Small and Medium sized businesses looking to grow their revenues

  • Software and Internet technology companies

  • Services, including consulting and professional services companies

  • Companies where the sales cycle is relatively short and predictable


  • A setup fee from $500 for each eight-week campaign (pricing differs based on outbound platform)

  • An agreed commission on each sales conversation procured (fixed or variable)

What you get:

  • An eight-week outbound messaging campaign on LinkedIn, Instagram or Email

  • Up to four iterations of psychologically profiled messaging

  • Up to four retargeting exercises

Sigmund Marketing is suitable for:

  • B2C brands looking to launch a new product or brand into a new or existing market
  • B2C companies in retail, hospitality (travel, hotel, venues), and consumer products
  • B2B brands looking to grow their reach through LinkedIn marketing solutions
  • Our solutions can be catered to small, medium, and large brands


  • Once off projects start from $1,000 (website optimization, content creation, etc.)
  • Managed marketing solutions start from $1,000 per month and can scale based on scope

What you get:

  • A customized, data-driven marketing strategy
  • Hyper-targeted audience attributes based on psychological profiling
  • Content, email, and advertising copy that resonates with your audience based on your audience’s approach to decision making

Happy Clients

Outbound Messages Served

Sales Conversations Created

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