Let’s face it, businesses are facing a steep challenge heading into the fourth quarter of 2020. Many missed sales targets and are looking to gain revenue wherever possible. Last week our team received a cold call from a SaaS rep for a subscription that was cancelled 2 years ago. I imagine you might be receiving similar cold calls or your team might be making them!

The effort is laudable, but will the time and energy pay off? Especially since in this case, the SaaS subscription had been cancelled in favor of a competitor’s product that better fits the business need and that isn’t offered by the SaaS company. Like this SaaS company, is your team looking under every rock to find a potential new lead? 

Every message to a prospect counts and understanding your client’s needs will help your sales team maximize efficiency. Encourage your sales team to check out LinkedIn’s 14 free sales courses, ranging from how to nurture empathetic relationships to how to excel with your digital body language and digital presentations. Your team is dealing with an enormous amount of change and the courses on how to perform in the midst of pressure and how to adjust to working remotely may provide valuable insights that can help your team to thrive.

Thanks to LinkedIn for unlocking these resources so all professionals can benefit! 

If your team is in that boat of turning over every rock hoping to find more leads, Supercharge can help! Learn more about how we can  work together and identify your target buyer, increase your volume of warm leads, and optimize your sales messaging. Then your sales team can focus and work their skills to close those deals!

by Sophie Parkison on 10-04-2020