The question we do get a lot is this one – what is a psychological profile? Let’s uncover this together: we will take one profile type (this time it will be ‘Proactive’) also learn how the target messaging for a particular profile is created and understand where the Supercharge Lab solution will create the most value while helping your target client make a decision to buy.  

  1. The profile. Proactive: people who operate in the proactive mode are the ultimate self-motivators, usually one step ahead of all the rest. Being ‘fast and furious, ’they may often ignore the analysis and planning when making important decisions. These are the leaders who drive teams and process – the ones who are most likely to take initiative and get things started. People with this profile typically need very little motivation though they can be turned off if they perceive their initiatives as being rejected or unduly criticized. 

Tip: To pick up whether someone leans to a proactive mode, listen to the structure and style of communication. 

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  1. The Language. Proactive types use short, sharp sentences, which are direct, and passionate, engaging tones with faster than average pace of speech. Active verbs are awash in the person’s language.  

Tip: When speaking to proactive people, you may want to use words and actions that include “go for it, let’s do it, get the job done, now, take control, make things happen”.  

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