1. In what aspect of human connection do you find most joy?  

I’m an extrovert and physical touch is one of my top love languages. For me, seeing a friend or family member and getting a genuine hug from, and spending time catching up with them, is the most special human connection. In person and connecting gives me the most joy. 

2. What inspires you about your new role at Supercharge Lab?  

The People, the Mission and the Product! I love to work with passionate people who love what they do and are energized to go to work each day. This Team has that light, our mission is on point – to redefine processes for organizations to be, act and do better – and I truly believe in the product. Overall though, if I were to share an important thing about my own role, it’s the fact that I get to help build something bigger than myself. I am privileged to be a part of building a team and working together towards this mission to better people’s lives and make their own day more efficient and effective. We only have one life to live. So, to be able to spend our time in the best way possible and help others do the same is really inspiring for me. 

3. Tell us about the funniest work situation you have encountered within the last 6 months. 

While filling in as the Business Director for a colleague’s maternity leave this past May, I had a presenter send me a PowerPoint presentation within an hour of a globally hosted board call. Our audience was retailers world-wide (all are CEOs and in various types of Retail) and his topic was the area of retail in which he was the expert. Not knowing enough about the call or him (it was day two on the job, as my colleague had gone out early for the baby) I simply asked the Board Member hosting the call for approval of the ppt, without opening it, as I didn’t think we had the time to waste. He approved it and I confirmed I would project it in the due time on the call. To my surprise, the industry was condoms, and thus, on my first Board Call, on my second day on the job, I was projecting a slide deck filled with condoms and other adult industry items. At one point I had to turn off my camera to stop giggling and to calm my blushing with a sip of water. While the call was a success, that was the funniest work situation in a long while. 

4. Which part of the day is your most coveted and why?  

This was a tough answer for me. I’m a morning person, and love waking up and embracing the day! I suppose which part is most coveted though are the early evenings, as that’s the first time I ever relax in my day. For example, I work standing up, I work out whenever I can find 15 minutes, and I schedule everything possible, minute to minute. So, if I’m leaving work early to meet you, you must be very special to me because I treasure that early evening time when you get to decide exactly which note you wish for your day to end on.

5. Do you feel connected with your Alaskan roots?  

Recently I have more than ever! Perhaps it’s a Covid thing, but the past 6 months I have spent more time outdoors be it planting, biking, walking, or just sitting and enjoying nature than the past 6 years combined. Secondly, Alaskans are very independent and this extra time at home has rejuvenated me, reminding me how independent I am and how happy I am in my own skin. If there is one Alaskan root that I hope will never be removed, it’s the feeling of pride that we have in being different, in being independent, and in being able to thrive regardless of our remoteness. That’s something that I found similar at Supercharge Lab; it’s different, our team is very remote, and I am proud to be a part of it.  

6. Which advice you are giving to the teams you lead most often? 

I would say three things.  

1: Always Reach Out with Questions. Not only are there very few dumb ones (hey, I’m honest!) but if you have this question, I guarantee someone else will too. Your question will help me be a better teacher and leader and make us better as a team. 

2: Honor Yourself. Know when you are best at work (your hours of the day, etc.) and when your body or mind needs a rest. I could care less if you work 5 hours today and 10 tomorrow because you needed rest today. I’d much rather have your best work and have you performing at your best. 

3: Set Expectations. I’m a realist but I’m a really hard worker (another Alaskan thing I feel!) and I expect the same productivity and output from my team. Be sure to set expectations so that you overdeliver, rather than setting unrealistic expectations and under-delivering.  

7. When do you usually feel awkward?  

Rarely, but if other people are arguing in front of me, I definitely feel awkward and want to leave so they can work that out in private! 

8. What you would like to wish our readers? 

To always be growing. Never stop learning and bettering yourself and your teams. Maybe Supercharge Lab can help you too. 🙂