1. What inspires you about the Supercharge Lab Team? 

The diversity and the hidden talents that everyone is bringing to the table. Everyone on our team has a different working style, so I am truly enjoying seeing the dynamism with which we are all moving thanks to this variety of personalities. Every person’s input is like a color in a palette: whatever the shade is today, the picture turns out to be gorgeous since we all do our best to shine keeping the end goal in mind.

2. What has been the most surprising revelation/valuable learning for you since you founded Supercharge Lab?   

I guess it’s the fact that both startups and large corporates face similar problems in keeping things going same challenges, same areas of business that could (and should) be automated, same processes that need to become more efficient for the better use of human time. The inefficiencies at large are very much alike – it’s just a matter of the scale of the problem! 

3. Tell us about your favorite ways to restore energy and about the routines that drive you. 

I am a true believer in the importance of switching off. With the life around us producing a constant buzz, being quiet is an extremely beneficial skill. Therefore, meditation is a truly liberating habitI meditate in the mornings and late evenings. Reading is of the same importance to me, as this is the source of distilled wisdom your brain can have instant access to. I tend to read 2-3 hours a day at least two days a week – of course setting all distracting buzzers of our times (phone, laptop notifications) to ‘mute’ mode. Both activities allow me to go into my mind and explore its limitless boundaries. Another thing that I find helpful for personal development is morning journaling: notes of appreciation, goals, and observations on the way to accomplishing them, all written by hand, is something that is a life-saver in so many ways. Recently I also started the last 100 days of the year journaling challenge. Interestingly enough, a lot of people are very keen on coming up with their New Year resolutions, but not too excited about finding the strength to end the year well. Though we all love the beginning of things as humans, I am sure it’s actually as exciting an exercise to discover the amazing beauty of your own path over the tiny stretch of one year. 

4. From your point of view, what is crucial for humanity to survive in the long run? 

People need to remember to care – for themselves, each other, and the world around them. Then we have a chance to do better collectively.  

5. In what situations do you feel out of your comfort zone or uncomfortable? 

Out of my comfort zone is what Supercharge Lab has been for me so far – with every new venture in life you face various challenges. Mine have been putting myself out there, which is harder for introverts by nature and doing a lot of selling (something that I do not see as one of my ultimate strengths and don’t find particularly enjoyable). However, overcoming the challenges eventually makes you who you are, hopefully, a slightly better version of who you have been. 😊 That is why you need to continue doing the best you can and learn from every experience on your way. As for discomfort, I am sure it is essential to growth – so I’ve learned to “embrace the suck”. 

6. What would you like to wish our readers? 

That you find something that inspires you and make it your lifelong purpose. I think authenticity is key to whatever you are doing: if you do something with passion, the overall journey and its results are doomed to be bigger than yourself. And Supercharge Lab, as well as my own mission, is to be able to help leaders embrace the world in its entirety and live their most productive, effective, and fulfilling lives.