1. What type of business you are in?   

The Surespan Group focuses on the heavy civil construction industry, providing world-class infrastructure to Canada’s resource sector since 1977. Having successfully designed, supplied and erected over 5,000 permanent and portable resource bridges and major infrastructure projects for public and private clients is a testament to our ability to bid, execute and manage diverse and innovative projects.   

The last decade has seen the Surespan Group diversify into various markets. Surespan grew to be one of Canada’s largest Wind Turbine Generator Installers; is now a known entity in the precast concrete and industrial steel fabrication sector; an experienced construction management service provider; a major-project supplier of temporary and portable bridge rentals; a niche expert in small-to-medium Hydro Development and Construction; and a heavy equipment rental specialist (especially cranes).

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The last few years have seen Surespan focus more growth into pre-construction and Construction Management services. “Owner’s Representative” and “Clerk of the Works” are two roles where Surespan has shown particular value to project owners. 

It is in the small things, the petty things, the “cracks”, that make truly great projects, and where happy Client-Owners find comfort. 

2. What made you choose Supercharge Lab?  

I have known a few of the faces at Supercharge Lab for several years and have come to trust and respect them. So when the opportunity to access the platform came, I was quick to jump in with both feet. The B2B business development and B2B procurement functions are both ripe for disruption, and I believe Supercharge Lab’s platform will be part of that change. I see a huge opportunity to leverage the Supercharge Lab’s network and make something really great happen.

3. What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from Supercharge Lab?   

It is still early days, but I am pleased to say that I have benefitted from fast turnarounds, intelligent questions, appropriate dialogue, and valuable introductions.  All these ingredients make for a great working relationship, and a superbly successful outcome. 

4. What is it like to work with Supercharge Lab?  

Working with Supercharge Lab is interesting and dynamic; meetings are to-the-point and comfortable, resulting in meaningful action steps and executable tactics. Supercharge Lab is quick to turnaround on opportunities, not wasting time, and prompt with queries and answers. It’s been a breeze so far, and long may that continue. 

5. What is an example of how Supercharge Lab went “the extra mile” to serve you?  

Early on we hit an internal stumbling block which slowed us down. In reply, Supercharge Lab was quick to offer their own resources to get us back up to speed. Since then, the Supercharge Team has been highly responsive and careful with every exchange, to ensure the highest value proposition possible. 

6. How is the company aligned with the values that drive your business?   

We are in this for fun, but we are also in this to grow and expand our business, all the while ensuring a higher return to stakeholders.  Supercharge Lab understands that we are in business for both fun and profits. 

7. Why would you recommend Supercharge Lab to someone else? 

I recommend Supercharge Lab for their honesty and candid feedback, their transparency and eagerness to best serve the client (in this case, it is me!). I can also vouch for the depth and quality of the global, world-class business network that Supercharge Lab has aggregated – it is truly impressive!