1. In what kind of interaction do you find the most joy?  

Being a person who is very much driven by the opportunities to meet new people and explore the amazing world of different cultures, an endless variety of personal paths and stories, I am finding any occasion enabling me to expand the existing horizons most valuable. Be it a stranger from one of the travel ventures I enjoyed pre our next normal, or a longtime colleague turned into a close friend (who we are only able to connect with digitally) I truly cherish all these moments.  

2. What inspires you about your new role at Supercharge Lab?  

Coming back to marketing with the focus on digital strategy and content creation after three years of specializing mostly on events, allows me a wider perspective and inspires me that here I can bring the most value. Of course, an impact that is so much more visible in a smaller company that is just starting off and being part of the team to share the first successes is what has drawn me to this role as well. And without a doubt, a truly international team of individuals who are very used to excelling at their jobs and amazing to collaborate with even with the time zone spanning from Dallas to Melbourne is even more exciting! 

Meet Another One of Supercharge Lab’s Team Members: Danby, Junior Supercharger

3. Tell us about the trickiest communication you had to carry out in the last 6 months. 

As I generally find work related communications an integral part of my marketing craft, I view them as the means of practicing my soft skills and don’t get upset by the tense ones. I always remember that once the conflict gets resolved, everyone will end up at a better place than they started in. The most difficult conversations are usually with my family members. Both sides of the argument have powerful reasoning and we are all quite skilled in presenting them. Thankfully, in the end, we come to useful conclusions and the good advice never leaves our big family unnoticed. 😊  

4. Which part of the day is your most coveted and why?  

Being a disciplined person, I would not say that I like to be routine driven. Twisting things has been exceptionally helpful during the strange 2020 when we all got locked down in our homes. Although my activities have remained unchanged – it’s the morning coffee walk, listening to jazz or classical music while I work on something not requiring creativity, reading before going to bed, advancing my Italian and of course only checking news once a day and binge-watching Netflix on weekends – I think the simple fact of following your current mood is enormously helpful for the mind in its pursuit of staying healthy.  

 5. Which of your hobbies drive your productivity?  

I think the best way to describe my wide-ranging interests (from my passion to learning languages and constantly practicing the ones I know, to music, to surfing) is just staying curious. Some may sound like strange choices; for example, I am neither a very outdoor nor sporty person to be the one to take up surfing, but they all stem from my preferences (for example I absolutely love being near the sea or ocean and have been swimming for hours on end just after I learned how to at the age of 5). All these activities do help me to fully focus on catching and staying in the state of the famous Flow – the most productive and rewarding mental state, nailed by a Hungarian-American psychologist. 

6. What part of the marketing activities that you perform daily, do you truly enjoy and wish you had more of? 

From the daily tasks for me, the ‘cannot get enough of’ is connecting with my teammates as well as my peers within the marketing community to learn from them, to bounce off ideas, and to get their feedback. As an extrovert, I wish I’d done more of it, but at the same time understand that I probably get all the value I can from the existing amount, and overdoing it will not bring proportionally great results. Within the regular tasks I would highlight the research around what techniques and strategies work for various businesses – however, with the amounts of information these days I still need to be satisfied with the learnings I am able to get within the time I am setting aside for this too. 

7. When do you usually feel anxious 

Nowadays my anxiousness displays itself in a much more positive way – I would rather say that the excitement to see the results of any team efforts or for example, how my ideas are turning out. I think being worried about anything less significant than the well-being of the human beings around you is not worth the energy that is being put into it. Since ‘this too shall pass’ is very much true for anything happening on a daily basis, the willingness to embrace the moment without deteriorating it with anxiety is one of the best things we all are capable of.  

8. What would you like to wish our readers? 

To be kinder to yourselves. I do believe the positive impact of the leaders – in any field:  business, culture, science, technology, public service – can be exponentially multiplied when the leader feels grounded in the eternal natural flow of things.