Hi, my name is Nicole. I’m from Malaysia, and I joined Supercharge Lab as their Senior Finance Manager in May this year.

I graduated from a local university with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have been working as a Finance Professional for the past two decades!

You might ask me what made me join Supercharge Lab. 

The interesting part was I first got to hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI) several years back when I was helping a friend of mine who is a recruiter to source some candidates, and he taught me how to use Boolean algorithms to get to the right candidate in just a split second. I was really amazed by that! My friend kept telling me that soon enough, most of the repetitive tasks that were done manually today would be replaced by machines with artificial intelligence. He also jokingly said that soon, he and I are going to be out of work! I thought it was a joke back in the day, but soon, I realized that not only in recruitment, but finance is also evolving along with AI and technology – proven by how my team and I were going through a lot of finance transformation projects to digitalize the manual work through leveraging AI.  

I started to develop an interest in the topic of AI and also how us as humans should prepare ourselves and our next generations to leverage AI for our own betterment. I’ve since learned that the technology will not be replacing jobs like mine but enhancing them instead – and that’s the reason I was attracted to Supercharge Lab.

I became very interested in, and believe in it myself, in what the business is doing. I am thrilled to help them in their mission to use AI to create value for our clients. I especially love the fact that the company’s work requires a combination of AI & human touch, and is not using technology to replace human workers like myself (and like my friend who joked with me ages ago).  

Supercharge Lab is also an ideal workplace for me as I love being part of an international team with such a diverse culture. Meeting people from different backgrounds that embrace openness and inclusiveness allows me to learn from their experience. Supercharge Lab has also provided me the opportunity to grow professionally, where I now have the opportunity to know more about other countries’ laws & regulations, as we have establishment in the United States & Singapore. With the finance community becoming more and more global every year, it is important for me to learn as much about foreign laws and regulations as possible. 

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