“This isn’t my first rodeo”, I thought. For those of you who know me, you probably know that I’ve had a successful career during my early banking days, and then investing in startups, and finally, consulting with larger enterprises through YPO. When it came to figuring out what’s next, jumping head-first into starting another startup felt almost like a given – after all, what did I have to lose?

I dived right in, and hired a few early employees, attempting to figure out our value proposition and delivering that value in a repeatable and scalable way. I had a hunch that corporations today would value improvements to efficiencies that centered on high-performance behaviors. I also knew that delivering value was not about telling corporations what to do but showing them that our solution did improve outcomes.

Delivering value to our clients took a leap of faith on behalf of our clients. We learned how to improve the efficacy of our campaigns, listened better, and communicated better. We asked “why” all the time – why did some clients do better than others? We broke down every decision into deliberate action, and we ran faster than we thought we could, doubling our revenues every month for the past three months, fueling our current “hockey stick growth”.

The average outbound cold email/ outreach campaign yields about 1% in conversion rates. Our conversion rates range from 6.29% to 49.7%, with an average of 25.08% across 45387 individuals reached, and 11539 sales conversations achieved over a period of 1167 campaign days.

When we built our second product, we took the lessons that we learned from our flagship product and applied it into our second. We deliberated the workings of the solution with the former CEOs of the world’s most admired ad agency (Ogilvy), and we sought counsel with the leaders in the IPG ecosystem. To drive our company forward, we are engaging a senior marketing professional to help drive our strategic outcomes forward. Our first marketing client has spent $2250 on our solution and has seen an increase of 40% in bookings within two weeks of starting our engagement.

We have ambitious plans – we are shoring up our infrastructure as an organization to support the accelerating growth that we are experiencing. We are building more robust technology solutions that will upend the cognitive computing space, and we are laser-focused on delivering greater value to each new client that places their faith in us.

We launched our latest fundraising campaign on Republic last week, and I personally invite you to participate in this campaign. Apart from the financial upside, you will be investing in a company that has delivered significant value to its clients consistently. I have built a successful lifetime career on driving value to the people who have joined me on my rocketship. If you would like to find out more about our plans, drop me a line.

Let’s get on this rocketship today. Our campaign link is rep.pub/supercharge-lab.