Why Investing in Supercharge Lab is Buying a Piece of the Future

We can build a much brighter future where humans are relieved of menial work using AI capabilities – Andrew Ng, Co-founder – Google Brain, Chief Scientist – Baidu In recent times, more than ever, there has been an explosion of startups indiscriminately using the term “Artificial Intelligence” where there is little evidence of real intelligence. Thus; you cannot fault investors far casting a wary eye on the technology. However, the growth of artificial neural networks – algorithms for deep learning that are inspired by how we as humans learn – is something that should not be overlooked nor ignored. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning has become more practical, far removed from the early days of “basket analysis” and recommendation engines (Bayesian analysis) to the current predictability of conversations, and even the much-anticipated GPT-3 of OpenAI fame. Today, artificial intelligence has raised the dead, written political content, and created a whole new world of Deepfake. More than ever, the need for applications of ethical or responsible AI is radically real – and it is important to ensure that we push humanity forward with every solution that is built using AI. Supercharge Lab has extensively weighed in on the need for ethical AI, and our founder advises organizations on the education of communities about the ethical applications of AI. Supercharge Lab has a mission to create the future – not just exist and wait for it to happen, but to actively drive the outcomes that we want to see. We aren’t a one hit wonder – we have launched our second solution into the market and we are already working on more applications that would be practical and impactful in new markets that we are testing our solutions in. We’ve also embarked on testing our assumptions rigorously, with new research being done into the triggers of human behavior through both academic institutions across the world, and military grade applications of psychological profiling. With our current hockey stick growth (we doubled our revenues month on month since April), we are delivering value to our stakeholders and our clients alike, proving that there is value in what we do. We are pushing the envelope to deliver outcomes to our bottom line and are in conversation with strategic anchor investors for our Series A round through Anne’s investment banking colleagues. The future of AI is in the here and now – our investment prospectus and thesis remains in our data room, and you can always reach out to Anne for a deeper conversation and to find out more about how psychological marketing can help your business grow.