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Beachwood Ventures provides private access to exclusive investment opportunities in frontier technologies internationally.

– Patrick George

Creating Elite High-Performance Teams

Beachwood Ventures is founded by former Marine Corp Platoon Comnander, Patrick George. Bringing together the experience of creating high-performing teams and the resilience requirements incorporated into Navy Seal training, Patrick dives into driving results for shareholders and stakeholders alike through his unique approach to entrepreneurship. 

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Industry Verticals

We engage with growth-stage companies that are post-MVP and post-revenue, and pay particular emphasis on strong management teams. We predominantly invest in seed stage, Pre -Series-A through Series-B companies.

It is critical to align with the right partners, and strategic introductions need to be an integral component of the path forward. We proactively connect your company to the right capital providers, while providing operational support every step of the way. 


Blockchain, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.  It has become a legitimate disruptor for industries like payments, cybersecurity and healthcare.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) is an industry term for merchandise that customers use up and replace on a frequent basis. While consumer demand for CPGs largely remains constant, this is nevertheless a highly competitive sector with multiple opportunities.

Agricultural Technologies

A number of global trends are influencing food security, poverty, and the overall sustainability of food and agricultural systems. To meet these challenges will require a concerted effort by governments, investors, and innovative agricultural technologies.

Our Approach


We put an idea through its paces, testing customer demand, technical feasibility, business model, unit economics, market dynamics, investor interest, and more. We benchmark every idea against the performance of our past ideas to determine if it’s worth our time—and yours. With our expertise in financial modeling, we get into the minds of founders and their business models to ensure the perfect fit between company and market.


Focus is the lifeblood of an early-stage company. Our recruiting, legal, and finance teams, along with our relationships with top service providers, allow founders to keep their eyes squarely on building the business.

Our Team

Patrick George

Patrick George

Managing Partner

Patrick is the Managing Partner of Beachwood Ventures, a venture capital and advisory firm he founded; and as an advisor or board member, Patrick’s focus is on fundraising, strategy, operations, and talent acquisition.

Logan Leslie

Logan Leslie

Operating Partner

Logan is Founder and CEO of Northern Rock, Inc. and has professional investment and consulting experience at Basin Holdings, Crestview Partners, the Blackstone Group, and the Boston Consulting Group.  A Green Beret, Ranger, and Command Sergeant Major with over 17 years in the Army. Logan holds a JD from Harvard Law and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Steve Stodghill

Steve Stodghill

Legal Advisor

Steve leads the Dallas practice for Winston & Strawn and his vast experience and success in complex litigation solidify him as one of the most accomplished commercial litigators in the country. He has successfully represented numerous high-profile clients, ranging from prominent billionaires to major corporations, across a wide array of complex commercial litigation areas.

Chuck Jarvie

Chuck Jarvie

Strategic Advisor

Chuck’s expertise is derived from over 50 years of executive management experience with well-regarded companies such as Procter & Gamble, Dr Pepper Co., Fidelity Investments, Schenley Industries, Host Communications and Guinness America. He has served on over 20 boards of directors over the last 20 years.

Katrina Ghazarian

Katrina Ghazarian

Strategic Advisor

Katrina leads Gameday HR as the Founder and CEO and specializes in unlocking potential through human resources.  From start-up to exit, she has advised on the essential functions of leadership, key personnel recruitment, and employment infrastructure. Katrina has dedicated her career to helping others through 5D United and The Working Mother; and can be seen on Tedx addressing gender disparity.

Our Partners

WatchFire Ventures

The Watchfire thesis is simple: we look for products that solve “sticky” needs, that plan to execute an innovative and exhaustive omni-channel route-to-market strategy, and that have a structural competitive “cheat code” in the core DNA of the business.

Arcadian Capital

Headquartered in the center of the cannabis phenomenon, Arcadian is a leader in cannabis venture capital and one of the only cannabis funds in the United States focused on ancillary services only.

WildLife Partners

Wildlife Partners is an innovative wildlife conservation company, whose model marries the desire to do good for the world with economic incentives. Through this approach, landowners in Texas and beyond have learned how to convert their private ranches into cashflow-producing wildlife sanctuaries.

Portfolio Companies

Taos Bakes

We’re here to shift the conversation from over-analyzing nutritional facts and health claims to celebrating and upholding taste as the most important aspect of any culinary experience. “Because life is too short to eat dirt.”

Hover Energy

At Hover Energy, we exist to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by bringing it to the forefront of the power conversation and to transform people’s relationship with the energy they consume by making it more visible, secure, and accessible.


OXIGEN takes functional water to the next level by boosting it with oxygen and pH balanced with electrolytes – all to help you Recover + Rise. OXIGEN is one of the first national brands to use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.


Data Gumbo’s smart contracts offer a new approach to commercial relationships — where every transaction is accurate and certain, touchless and automated. GumboNet™ is a massively interconnected industrial smart contract network secured and powered by blockchain.

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From Our Partners

Having Beachwood as a partner has expanded our reach and provided us with valuable insight and counsel as we grow our business.  Some of my favorite meetings are the ones where Patrick and I get time one-on-one to develop strategies together!  Beachwood has been a very reliable, high-integrity partner that always tells us like it is and believes the best about us and for us.  That can be a priceless attribute.  We are truly grateful for Beachwood.

– Chris Griffin, Founder and CEO, Hover Energy


“We value strong relationships with people who mean what they say and deliver. That’s why we have a lasting relationship with Beachwood Ventures. Integrity is fundamental at Watchfire and it is at the core of our partnership, as is every partnership Beachwood brings to our firm. Beachwood is an outstanding partner, and we are better for having worked with them.”

Sean Koffel

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Watchfire Ventures

“Having Beachwood as a partner has expanded our reach and provided us with valuable insight and counsel as we grow our business.  Some of my favorite meetings are the ones where Patrick and I get time one-on-one to develop strategies together!  Beachwood has been a very reliable, high-integrity partner that always tells us like it is and believes the best about us and for us.  That can be a priceless attribute.  We are truly grateful for Beachwood.”

Chris Griffin

Co-Founder & President, Hover Energy

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Shah Paran

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