About Supercharge Lab 

Supercharge Lab is a leading US-incorporated Artificial Intelligence company, applying our cognitive AI technologies to client acquisition and marketing strategies for our clients globally. A globally distributed remote organization, we embody and embrace the future of work and the digital workspace. Be a part of a fast-growing company in a fast-growing space!


Supercharge Lab was incorporated in March 2020 and has since seen tremendous growth. From being a solopreneur to a team of over a dozen Superchargers and over forty clients across the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Oceania.

Supercharge Lab solves the challenge of brands not resonating with their customers today. In fact, this problem is such a big one that more than a quarter of all advertising spend, or over $60B worth of ad spend, is wasted on an annual basis.

We empower your organization to help your target clients buy by understanding their cognitive styles, instead of “selling” your proposition.

We use psychological profiling to understand the basis of why your customers buy your solutions, then applying this understanding to create the messages that increase the propensity for your target clients to transact with you with AI Marketing. We do all this through secure algorithms that are designed to use Artificial Intelligence in an ethical way, safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders involved.

Let me tell you how amazing itis that I don’t have to scour through databases trying to find investors, reaching out to them, trying to network over to them, and finally getting them to agree to a meeting. It’s so much easier to just turn your system loose and wait!                                                                                               

Angel Orrantia

COO, Kodexa

Working with Supercharge Lab is interesting and dynamic; meetings are to-the-point and comfortable, resulting in meaningful action steps and executable tactics. Supercharge Lab is quick to turnaround on opportunities, not wasting time, and prompt with queries and answers. It’s been a breeze so far, and long may that continue.

Devlin Fenton

Manager Director, Surespan

Working with Supercharge Lab has been a shot of adrenaline to the arm, with clear and defined goals and strategies that help us improve our performance all round. 100% recommended!                                                                                                                             

Steph Wray

Sales & Experience Manager, Tracked Out


Founded by award winning serial entrepreneur, Anne Cheng, Supercharge Lab hopes to create personalization at scale for the digital marketing space.

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The Benefits 

Single, platform to manage your AI powered Ads.

Connect your Facebook Ad Manager, Google Ads Platform or LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and get started with a few clicks!

Machine learning, made easy

No code required, GDPR-compliant profiling that drives results and learns as it goes!

Understand your audience and the triggers that drive them!

Sigmund’s profiling and content engines work in tandem to drive significant ROI lift to your marketing campaigns

Outbound Messages Served

Sales Conversations Created

Happy Clients

What we do 

Using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and a lot of Data, we analyze human approaches to decision-making and apply it to your messaging, improving the results you need.

Recommended Insights 

A Vision for Sigmund

A Vision for Sigmund

We at Supercharge Lab talk often about Sigmund, but do our customers really know who Sigmund is? Is Sigmund a person...

A Vision for Sigmund

A Vision for Sigmund

We at Supercharge Lab talk often about Sigmund, but do our customers really know who Sigmund is? Is Sigmund a person...

Learn more about Supercharge Lab and Sigmund! 

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