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Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund has helped scores of B2B technology and services companies in their GTM strategy, driving client and revenue acquisition, fundraising, and product market fit. We’ve also helped a variety of medium to large corporations with optimizing their brand voice, customer journeys, and content positioning across platforms and ad campaigns. We’re on a mission to help startups and corporates alike resonate with their audiences like never before. If this sounds like what gets you outta bed every single day, read on.


Who You Are

You are a role model, a networker, a trusted thought leader, a trendsetter, and a connector. Above all else, you believe in forging new ground, in thinking different, in being different. You are a startup addict – you believe in the power of thinking like an entrepreneur, whatever your station in life. You may work in a global iconic brand or a Fortune 500 company, but you’re nursing a secret ambition to starting up – you understand the value of innovation and going against the grain.


What You Get

Apart from the obvious benefits that Sigmund provides to your bottom line, Ambassadors get:

  • First dibs in participating in anything Sigmund does. You know Sigmund, Sigmund can’t keep its hands off creating something new. Get first dibs to all our Alpha trial programs – absolutely free!
  • Chart the direction of Sigmund – you’ll personally be involved in the growth and applications of Sigmund, participating in focus groups, feedback circles, and alpha/ beta tests that will drive our future growth.
  • Discounts, special offers, and referral rewards that only apply to our ambassadors and the companies they refer.
  • Get featured in our media, participate in our virtual events, meet the team, win sponsored campaigns and gain access to our community of clients, ambassadors and friends.
  • And here’s the kicker – you get paid for every single client you refer into our program.
Tier Dollar Value of Referrals Incentive on Paid Fees
Gold Up to $50,000 10%
Platinum $50,001 to $250,000 15%
Titanium Above $250,001 20%


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