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Ask Sigmund is a cognitive analytical engine that uses predictive analytics, data transformation, and business intelligence to help businesses uncover the value of their customer base.

Predictive Analytics &

Data Visualization 

Ask Sigmund is a data-driven tool that helps you forecast the following outcomes:

  • Churn sales among customers who influence your bottom line
  • Propensity to transact at any given period
  • Promotional elasticity to determine which sectors of your client base are responsive to internal promotions
  • Prevention of cart abandonment by gicing incentives and promo codes to encourage purchase decisions

Ask Sigmund analyzes your customer base’s activity and interacts with your database via a simple API call that sits on top of your server and is accessed via a secure “search function” interface.

Custom Solutioning

Supercharge Lab provides custom solutions for building the right data models with legacy systems and databases. This allows you to unleash the power of your data, ensuring that data is collected, processed, and stored correctly, and develop solutions that run on your own server (or in the cloud). All with the goal of allowing you to reap the benefits of a data-driven corporate strategy.

Data Transformation & Consultancy 

Supercharge Lab offers consultancy services to help you build your data infrastructure and processes in preparation for creating a data environment that is robust and has the right corporate impact for companies that would benefit from understanding how to drive outcomes through an assessment of customers’ data structures. 

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