Our brand research & measurement services uncovers what needs to be done to improve your brand.

Simply bring artificial intelligence to your campaigns with ease. 

Supercharging your Brand Journey


Sigmund© Brand Measurement and Research

Brand measurement and research is a crucial part of the branding and provide a solid base to build the brand strategy and brand creation. We do qualitative and quantitative brand research, brand audits and reviews, as well as ongoing evaluation and measurement to keep your brand in tip-top shape.

Sigmund© Brand Strategy

A great brand strategy acts as a guiding light for your brand, and for all future communication. Supercharge Lab walks with you through the process of crafting a brand strategy, building a strong brand foundation of your brand intent and voice.

Sigmund© Brand Creative

Books have covers for a reason, and we all know first impressions matter. We build off the brand strategy and the research we do to create, refine or transform your brand creatively, on as many different facets as possible. From brand naming, logos and taglines, to website and collateral development (and everything in between), we’ve got you covered.

Sigmund© Brand Activation

And now we bring it all to life! We take your brand off the paper and unleash it in all its glory. We can build integrated campaigns for your launch, do lead generation for digital and search marketing, creation of thought leadership strategy and content, PR & Events… The list goes on. We make sure that your brand evokes an emotional connection, in every form it takes and on every touchpoint.

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Simply bring Artificial intelligence to your campaigns with ease.