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Supercharge Lab focuses on delighting our customers through unrivaled service, data-backed accuracy, and the one thing that matters most – results. Through our behavioral Artificial Intelligence solutions, we have been able to consistently delight our customers. Here are some of their stories.

Our Client and Their Goals

Kodexa, an AI/ML driven RPA tool that creates measurable insights out of unstructured data for large and complex enterprises. Their solution is a no-code assistant that automatically classifies, identifies and extracts data from emails, excel and PDFs into easy-to-read tables with an intuitive and customizable UI for business executives.

Kodexa’s founder had been referred to Supercharge Lab through its fractional COO and startup advisor, Angel Orrantia of Orrantia Enterprises, to help drive conversations with relevant investors around their seed financing round.

Our Solution and Its Impact

With careful planning and specific targeting through Sigmund Sales, Kodexa was able to reach out to 2,000 investment partners and key decision makers in the venture capital and angel investment space, within the span of eight weeks. Kodexa’s founders immediately saw the power of Sigmund Sales and started three more campaigns, tracking 498 conversations, and pitching to over 141 VCs and angel investors.

Supercharge Lab provides a dashboard for all clients subscribing to Sigmund Sales, to each client to track outreach, conversations, and conversion rates. The process of designing the relevant messaging can be done within 24 hours, with retargeting taking all but 15 minutes to execute. This ability to execute quickly has helped clients like Kodexa iterate and pivot their campaigns quickly for improved results and success.

Our Client and Their Goals

Ministry of Adventure (MOA) is a sports media and marketing agency that provides a wide range of services within the sports industry such as video production, livestreaming, digital marketing, influencer marketing, and virtual/hybrid/live sports events. Its focus is to help sports and lifestyle companies to increase their visibility, driving revenue growth, and create an impact to the world.

MOA’s founder, Evelyn, had struggled to find clients in view of their niche market. After a chance meeting with Anne while she was running client campaigns, Evelyn asked if she could run a campaign for MOA, since the outreach automation would reduce her workload. MOA’s objective was to reach more relevant prospects and get more sales conversations started.

Our Solution and Its Impact

With Supercharge Lab’s flagship Sigmund Sales solution, MOA conducted three campaigns, reaching out to 2638 key decision makers, and reported 1219 tracked conversations. Many of these conversations resulted in increased sales.

Within the first four weeks of using Sigmund Sales, sales increased by an amazing 200%, and the team was juggling 40-45 calls per week. They experienced a conversion rate of up to 84% from cold outreach to warm conversation. At one point, it was even too much to handle, and the campaign had to be scaled back so that the team could catch up on converting the leads.

Sigmund Sales reclaimed the time spent on cold-calling and allowed Evelyn, MOA’s founder, to focus on growing and operating her business while supporting her team effectively with the burden of sourcing leads being taken off her shoulders.

Our Client and Their Goals

Tracked Out Adventures is built by experience. Our number one goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience on the mountain. Our snowmobile tours will take you into the heart of some of the best snowmobiling in the country. Utah is famous for our amazing snow, and we want you to experience that with us. In the warmer months we break the motorcycles out and will show you some of the most amazing single track in the country as well. The views here in Utah are nothing short of amazing. No matter what you come and do with us in winter or summer you are sure to leave with a smile on your face and the want to come back and see more.

Tracked Out Adventures’ owner wanted to grow the business and create loyalty and improved engagement around its community of customers.

Our Solution and Its Impact

Through Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund Marketing, Tracked Out Adventures was able to:

  • Find clarity on operational needs to create effectiveness and high-performance behaviors,
  • Understand profit and loss leaders through a thorough overhaul of its financial documentation,
  • Position themselves to meet the needs of their target audience, by understanding the psychological triggers that drive conversions,
  • Redesign an optimized web presence, including the architecture of their website and the voice of their social media content.


  • Improved productivity, understanding of the target market
  • 40% growth in bookings within three weeks of engagement, 200% increase in bookings within four weeks of engagement
  • Improved operational capacity

Our Client and Their Goals

Storytel, one of the world’s leading audiobook and e-book streaming services, went live in Thailand in December 2020. It offers listening and reading of more than 500,000 titles on a global scale, with its headquarters stationed in Stockholm, Sweden. Their vision is to make the world a more empathetic and creative place with great stories to be shared and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. Storytel has been present in the Asia Pacific region since 2017, when the company launched its service in India. In 2019, Storytel extended its operations to Singapore and South Korea, strengthening the brand’s presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Storytel aimed to grow their brand presence in Thailand and bring audiobooks and podcasts to the Thailand digital native population of over 46 million.

Our Solution and Its Impact

Through Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund Marketing, we helped Storytel Thailand:

  • By contributing in driving overall launch outcomes, and kickstarted their B2B marketing campaigns
  • Create personality branding for Storytel’s country manager
  • Produce insightful thought leadership pieces, such as how the audio entertainment industry is fitting into the rise of digital media trends in Thailand
  • Reached out to podcasts to discuss and secure partnerships, such as The Standard


  • 180,000 downloads over launch period
  • Top 10 highest brand recall in Thailand
  • #1 Audiotainment application in Thailand

Our Client and Their Goals

Action Karate is an award winning state of the art training facility teaching Kids, Teens and Adults Martial Arts and the leadership skills needed to succeed in life. They specialize in fitness training, and offer specialized training programs to challenge students physically, but to also instill special mental discipline to improve focus and attention span. They aim to make students stay fit, feel better, and learn self defense that can be used in any threatening situation.

Action Karate’s branch in Feasterville, Pennsylvania was not responding well to marketing and advertising efforts. Supercharge Lab then stepped in to help Action Karate grow their customer base significantly.

Our Solution and Its Impact

Through Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund Marketing, we helped Action Karate:

  • Create digital ad campaigns and graphics on social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Improve reach by 33% and impressions by 36%, and reduce cost per lead by 85.6% within 2.5 weeks.


  • 33% improved reach over previous metric
  • 36% improved impressions over previous metric
  • 85.6% reduction in cost per lead

Our Client and Their Goals

Agorapulse is a full-featured social media management platform with a simple user interface. It has a lot of power, but it also has a simple user interface and well-thought-out help documents, tutorials, and a free certification to help you learn how to use it.

They bring order to the social media chaos by consolidating the management of all social media accounts into a single platform.

Agorapulse needed assistance in deciphering the psychological profiles of their agency customers so that they could better distribute information to the appropriate audience.

Our Solution and Its Impact

Through Sigmund Marketing at Supercharge Lab, we were able to assist AgoraPulse:

  • Conduct a digital brand audit to assess their brand’s market position, strengths and shortcomings, and ways to improve it.
  • Monitor social media channels to gain a better understanding of how the public perceives the brand and its competition.
  • Look for ways to use social media and incorporate it into their current marketing strategies.

Our Client and Their Goals

Nick Kindler is a keynote speaker, communication coach, and perpetual entrepreneur who helps executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, and academics become better communicators and speakers. He is the Head of Programming at SingularityU Canada, a former coach and Director of Programming at TEDxToronto, and the co-founder of speaker development organization Talk Boutique. He is a passionate champion for innovation and communication. As the founder and CEO of Kindler & Company, he helps leaders become better communicators by providing transformational learning experiences.

Nick wanted an all-in-one solution that would clean up their website and improve their results, as well as streamline company processes and boost marketing results. In addition, social media management and creation, as well as paid ad campaigns, are all important in increasing traffic and achieving corporate goals.

Our Solution and Its Impact

Through Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund Marketing, we helped Kindler and Company:

  • Provide a comprehensive solution that aided in the launch of a more efficient website
  • Promote virtual events that resulted in higher overall attendance, conversions, and leads.
  • Launched new marketing campaigns to reach business objectives

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