By understanding behaviors, we create new competencies and redefine processes for organizations to be, act and do better.

We help cut away the waste in effort, time, and money for our clients by targeting corporate functions that are inefficient and by creating humanistic approaches to automation, helping people be, act, and do better through human connectivity.

The two corporate functions we are currently optimizing through our engine are Sales and Customer Acquisition, and Marketing Strategy.

Sales as a Service

We created a way to redefine sales through understanding purchasing behaviors and the psychology behind it.  Get ahead of the curve with our unique sales engine powering your new optimized messaging based on psychological profiles.

We will help you:

1) Increase the number of warm conversations with decision makers.

2) Ensure your business development team does what they do best – close deals.

3) Identify your most promising target customers and understand their behavior better.


Marketing Strategy as a Service

A large part of digital marketing and advertising is programmatic or automated. Marketing strategy, however, is largely a human process.

We will help you:

1) Craft high level executive marketing strategies through our consultant services.

2) Execute this strategy through our automation tools.

3) Oversee the performance of the strategy while iterating when deemed fit.


Our vision is to:


  • Enhance workflows with advanced techniques 

  • Empower organizations to do and be better through deliberated actions 

  • Create new competencies through psychological and behavioural changes 

How it works

Before Supercharge:
When you wanted to increase your sales revenue, you first hired salespeople. Then, you gave them a lead generation software, told them to cold call or cold email the hell out of this software with the standardized templates… remember this nightmare? You do not want to repeat this!

With Supercharge:
Our profiling engine plugs into your lead generation software and, through working with you to understand your market positioning, a psychological profile of every target prospect is created.  Supercharge customizes the marketing messaging for you right away, increasing your hit rate and reducing waste of your time, energy and effort.

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