Get inside the mind of Supercharge Lab and Sigmund. Do you have a burning question about the future of AI and psychological profilling? Browse below to find your answers.

­­What Is Digital Marketing?

­­What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing encompasses all of the activities that a company engages in to promote its products and services and increase its market share. Marketing success necessitates a...

The 6 Pillars to Successful Digital Marketing

While having a business in the digital world means you have access to all of the tools you need to reach your target market, it also means that your brand is constantly competing...

Why AI-powered marketing drives success

Why AI-powered marketing drives success Traditional marketing is largely manual and labour-intensive, involving tasks such as data entry and analysis, lead management and...

How To Start A Successful Startup

How To Start A Successful Startup

We're thrilled to be a featured guest on The Jake Dunlap Show, where Anne shares her journey as how she created a successful startup at Supercharge Lab. Some golden nuggets in...

5 Mind-Boggling Things AI Can Do Today

5 Mind-Boggling Things AI Can Do Today

AI Artificial intelligence is now 60+ years old as a field and younger as an industry. Since inception, the quest to develop true AI has been both intense and mild, high and low,...


Supercharge Lab Whitepaper: Understanding Profiling

Supercharge Lab is proud to present its first whitepaper on its most frequently asked question - what is psychological profiling? In this whitepaper, we explore Sigmund and its integration of psychology and marketing, the differences between emotions, personality, and...

Practicing for Who We Want to Be

Hit reset. As Supercharge Lab winds down another month of fundraising, I am thankful for the people who have come along for the ride, and for the clients who have given us their trust and support. I am deeply encouraged by the investors who have provided us with...

Redefining Marketing through Sigmund

Redefining marketing through Sigmund Supercharge Lab recently launched its rebranded solution, Sigmund. Sigmund, our core Artificial Intelligence engine, analyzes human approaches to decision-making and applies it to your messaging, improving the results you need. As...

Looking Forward – Josh Berry of Econic

We're back with our next Looking Forward series! Hear about the incredible partnership between corporate innovation and artificial intelligence, featuring Josh Berry, Co-Founder & CEO of Econic. At Econic, corporate innovation and transformation programs are built...

Why Investing in Supercharge Lab is Buying a Piece of the Future

Why Investing in Supercharge Lab is Buying a Piece of the Future We can build a much brighter future where humans are relieved of menial work using AI capabilities – Andrew Ng, Co-founder – Google Brain, Chief Scientist – Baidu In recent times, more than ever, there...

Crossing the Chasm

I remember in October of 2010, walking into the open planned office of the Singapore Management University’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and sitting down in an uncomfortable metal chair, across the table from then director Prof Desai Narasimhalu. We...

My Experience with Startup Culture

Fresh out of university, with the goal of making ends meet monthly, I find myself in a startup and not in a corporate office. I can’t say I’m surprised, the allure of working in a startup and the attraction towards “startup culture” stems from my inherent interests in...

Inside Supercharge Lab: Our Team – Andrew, Growth and Partnerships Manager

Meet our newest teammate, the amazing Andrew! As our Growth and Partnerships Manager, he brings Supercharge Lab 10 years of experience in Business Development with an extreme passion for digital marketing and client success. He oversees all projects and plays a big...

My Startup Addiction

My Startup Addiction I suppose I am not the only one who feels this way –I’ve been passionate about startups for more than a decade. It started in 2007, maybe earlier, but the details escape me. I built the cheesiest website ever, attempting to nurse an idea into...

Supercharging the growth of Supercharge Lab

“This isn’t my first rodeo”, I thought. For those of you who know me, you probably know that I’ve had a successful career during my early banking days, and then investing in startups, and finally, consulting with larger enterprises through YPO. When it came to...

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