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Drive the outcome that matters most. Sigmund Sales’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been applied to generate revenue and demand, fundraising, finding product-market fit, and talent acquisition. This powerful solution creates psychologically-driven outbound messages to your target audience capturing their interest and curiosity. Starting only from $1000 for an entire-eight week campaign, we will give you the most bang-for-your-buck, with no lock-in periods and exorbitant fees.

Supercharged Onboarding

Sigmund Sales’ lead generation solution takes five minutes to onboard; is safe, secure, and does not store your information on any of our platforms. We ensure that your emails don’t go to spam by actively testing your email DNS records.

Supercharged Value

For one single price, Sigmund Sales creates the right messages that resonate with your key decision-makers and complement your sales efforts that automate your prospecting and research through our onboarding process. You will be provided with a self-serving dashboard that determines the number of outbound emails and messages sent, the open and accept rate, and emails that are engaged or replied to—there are also no hidden fees.

Supercharged Outcomes

Sigmund Sales’ Lead Generation solutions have been served 75,326 times and has created over 18,314 sales conversations. It continues to drive conversations for its customers across multiple industries, including healthcare, technology and innovation, financial services, and more.

Take a look at our Supercharged results

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Campaign Objective

Acquire investment interest and raise capital.

Campaign Outcome

Kodexa’s founders saw the power of Sigmund Sales and started three more campaigns, tracking 498 conversations, and pitching to over 141 VCs and angel investors.  

“Let me tell you how amazing it is that I don’t have to scour through databases trying to find investors, reaching out to them, trying to network over to them, and finally getting them to agree to a meeting.  It’s so much easier to just turn your system loose and wait!”

Angel Orrantia

Fractional COO, Kodexa

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