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Sigmund Marketing is our most powerful solution that uses psychological AI to improve traditional marketing ROIs by accurately targeting the right audience attributes, enhancing your ad copy with psychologically driven marketing messages through iterative learning, and integrating with Meta Business Suite and Google Ads.

Behaviorally Driven Targeting

Most marketers use broad demographics like age groups, locations, and interests to define audiences. Sigmund Marketing defines audience attributes through inferred behaviors, such as “people who have openness to experience and rank higher on the agreeableness scale” are likely to be early adopters of new technologies.

Supercharged Messaging

By understanding your target audience, Sigmund Marketing’s content creation engine then generates the right psychologically-driven ad copy (complete with the relevant emojis when targeting a younger demographic) to help drive the right outcomes that you require.

Take a look at our Supercharged results

Client Name

Action Karate

Campaign Objective

Drive revenues and conversions for its school in a small town.

Campaign Outcome

Through Supercharge Lab’s Sigmund Marketing, we helped Action Karate: 

  • Improve reach by 33% and impressions by 36%, and reduce cost per lead by 88.9% within 2.5 weeks. 
  • Cost per result was reduced from $89.84 to exactly $10. 

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