Our Solutions

Supercharge Lab currently serves two functions – sales and marketing – with our core AI engine Sigmund, appropriately named Sigmund Sales and Sigmund Marketing.

Simply bring artificial intelligence to your campaigns with ease. 

What we do 

Using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and a lot of Data, we analyze human approaches to decision-making and apply it to your messaging, improving the results you need.

Step 1: Leave BreadCrumbs

Humans leave traces of themselves all over the internet

Step 2: form psychological profile

Sigmund uses these breadcrumbs to form a thesis of each person’s psychological profile

Step 3: Create relevant messaging

Sigmund creates messages based on the psychological profile

Step 4: improved results

We serve these messages to your customers, improving your results

Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence powered advertising solutions
for your business.

Marketing AI made for powering your campaigns 

The Sigmund Marketing solution creates high-level executive marketing strategies for quick decision-making.

In today’s advertising landscape, the global paradigm and shift of consumer behaviours is changing, forcing businesses to re-think their traditional marketing efforts, company strategy to engage online. In a fast-passed highly adaptive world, challenges arise for small to medium businesses all the way through to enterprise level organisations, where the need for quality advertising, coupled with increased consumer demand and privacy all mount to forming pivotal moments in changing the way we market to our consumers.

At Supercharge Labs, we believe that the industry needs a
cost-effective solution for machine learning and AI. Where we put humans, their preferences and desires at the front and centre of our technology. With Ethical design in mind and privacy-first grade approach, our Sigmund solutions reach consumers in their moments of want, without intrusion, for you to achieve faster results and automation at scale on all digital channels.


Learn more about our products 

Sigmund Sales© Outreach
Sigmund Sales reimagines traditional B2B sales processes through understanding the psychology behind purchasing behaviors of prospective customers.

Sigmund Marketing© Profile Engine
Sigmund Marketing works to design marketing campaigns and strategies that understand your target audience and their psychological profiles and the messages that resonate with them, improving marketing ROIs quickly. 

Sigmund Sales© Outreach
Sigmund Marketing content engine works to design ad-copy for your campaigns specially made for your segment. 

Sigmund API© API
Highly advanced, our API-first technology for you to scale implementation across your organisation’s marketing brands and clients, with ease and simplicity in mind. We can open our machine learning solutions to integrate with existing buying platforms for distribution and buying at scale. 



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Simply bring Artificial intelligence to your campaigns with ease.