Our Solutions

Sigmund provides advanced customer targeting attributes that segments existing audience groups into psychological “buckets” and then creates content that is more likely to trigger a positive response from each segment of the larger audience. By applying this information to our two solutions – we have been able to provide increased conversion rates (sales) and improved overall marketing ROI including amount of revenues and app installs for our initial clients.

We analyze human approaches to decision-making and apply it to your messaging, improving the results you need

Sigmund Sales

Sigmund Sales is a lead generation solution at its core, and has been applied to revenue and demand generation, fundraising, and even aiding in the hiring process. Today, a campaign around Sigmund Sales takes five minutes to onboard, and about ten minutes for Sigmund to generate ideal customer profiles and their relevant content copy.

Sigmund Marketing

Sigmund Marketing uses psychological profiling to make recommendations on the target audience, its specific targeting attributes, and the content that would trigger the best responses based upon the client’s main objective. Applied to solutions such as Marketing and Advertising, Branding, Segment Optimization, and Content Generation, Sigmund Marketing is where we meet all your marketing needs using a data-driven strategy through our Artificial Intelligence platform.

Sigmund API

Sigmund API is a custom API that uses psychological markers and transaction data to predict user behaviors including:

  • Propensity of a customer to transact

  • Elasticity of a promotion

  • Audiences with a higher likelihood of churn by identifying high ROI behaviors, Sigmund API helps you know your customers better, without requiring a customer feedback loop.