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Sigmund provides advanced customer targeting attributes that segments existing audience groups into psychological “buckets” and then creates content that is more likely to trigger a positive response from each segment of the larger audience.

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Everything Starts With a Simple 3 Step Process

1. Schedule a call

We take just a quick 30-minute call to learn about your business and set you up on a successful growth journey.

2. Campaign Brief

Fill in a quick brief form and that will get us cracking.

3. We Get to Work

We will send you a strategy that makes sense and optimizes your ROI quickly.

We conduct experiments to ensure that your money is being spent towards the right campaign attributes to maximize ROIs for your company.

We launch a full-blown campaign and achieve the best results you’ll ever see.

Supercharged Results

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence that understands the psychology and behavioral triggers of your audience, driving significant improvements to your ROIs.

  • Extreme conversion rates: Our lead generation solutions have an average of over 24% conversion rates

  • Reduced cost per result: We’ve brought cost per result down by over 99% for some of our clients – from over $150 down to under $1

  • Drive the right outcomes – Getting more interactions is one thing. Getting interactions with the right audience set is even better!

    Supercharged Communication

    Supercharge Lab drives outcomes for our customers by starting with honing our listening skills and aligning with our customers and their needs. We are trained to ask – What is the customer really saying, and we create the right solutions that are personalized, impactful, and meaningful to our customers and their priorities.

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