Sales as a service

We build secure AI-based algorithms that understand the drivers behind B2B purchases and create positive emotive states.

In short, we help buyers buy better, instead of sellers sell better.

Our Process


We start our process off with a discovery phase, where we clearly define the value proposition within the target industry vertical that presents the highest opportunity for your business. This process helps clarify whether the current target market is working for your solution, or if an alternative vertical would be more suitable, based on variables such as market sizing, regulatory framing and other assessment metrics.  


Our engine then crawls the publicly available data from the potential buyers’ online footprint, based on a database created through lead generation tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Our secure algorithm does not, at any time, store data but provides encrypted information to our database to process it live.    

Our Process  

Psychological Profiling:

After the assessment is complete, psychological profiling gets underway, deriving the main types of psychological profiles of your target clients. Superchargers then craft messages that help increase the motivation of target prospects to respond.  

Programmatic Messaging:

Our engines are then programmed to target your key decision makers using their psychological profiles. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we ensure accuracy of the messaging, and deliver warm conversations with key decision makers who are ready to buy. 


Insights empowering

productive conversations 

Through the process of automated psychological profiling and engineering purchasing behavior, Supercharge Lab helps buyers buy, not sellers sell, and creates more opportunity to increase target customer response rates through carefully created messaging and laser-focused targeting. Supercharge Lab’s technology helps B2B organizations generate genuine interest from target key decision makers.  

Design your future

with better knowledge    

  • Start understanding your target client better 
  • Redefine your value proposition and understand your unique position to the market
  • Engage your prospective clients addressing their needs from the get-go
  • Retrain your salespeople to gather, rather than hunt
  • Get an empowered, motivated and confident sales team


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