Supercharge Lab is a Cognitive AI technology company that that uses psychological profiling, powered by AI and NLP, to create valuable outcomes for our clients. We help cut away the waste in effort, time and money for our clients by targeting corporate functions that are inefficient and by creating humanistic approaches to automation, helping people be, act, and do better through human connectivity. 



Keep reading to find out where we started, where we are now and where we’re heading next.


Supercharge Lab was born out of the desire to cut away inefficiencies by creating humanistic approaches to automation.

Organizations around the world grapple with internal process inefficiencies and Supercharge Lab’s technology attempts to solve them utilizing deep insights into the motivations driving decision-making behaviors.

Supercharge Lab’s CEO, Anne Cheng, is a serial entrepreneur who has sold two of her previous startups. She was also founder of Start Up Nation, a Southeast Asian angel investment fund that sheretired from in 2016. Through her experience in the startup ecosystem and consulting through nonprofits, she has worked with both large conglomerates and a variety of startups in emerging technologies.


Supercharge Lab was incorporated in March 2020 and has set an ambitious vision to redefine organizational processes by understanding and optimizing human behavior.

Supercharge Lab’s mission is to improve the way leaders and teams work in organizations by removing unnecessary waste of effort and time on processes that can be automated as the business solutions of the future continue to evolve.

Supercharge Lab, Inc. is a Delaware-C Corp incorporated in April 2021. Its operating entity, which was incorporated in Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Supercharge Lab, Inc. 

Launch of Sales as a Service (SaaS)

The first function Supercharge Lab targetted was Sales – creating their flagship solution, Sales as a Service (SaaS).

Supercharge Lab’s innovative Cognitive AI engine, through its flagship SaaS solution, successfully accelerates the pace at which businesses gain access to meaningful conversations with potential customers.

Within the first six months of launching their Alpha program for SaaS, Supercharge Lab has served over 100 customers and generated over $80M of Gross Market Value.

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Launch of Marketing Strategy as a Service (MSaaS)

In May 2021, Supercharge Lab launched MSaaS, which provides highlevel executive marketing strategies, driven by its proprietary technology, that optimizes ROI for creative and digital marketing campaigns based on client objectives, budget, and specific markets.

MSaaS helps clients define their marketing strategy effectively and efficiently using Cognitive AI and psychological profiling, increasing the efficacy and impact to clients.

The Alpha Program for MSaaS is currently accepting new users keen on driving outcomes through marketing efforts.

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Supercharge Lab is launching a 60day crowdfunding campaign in June 2021 with Republic to raise at least $250,000 to support the growth of the team, increase our sales outreach, and market our new product.

Republic is a leading investment platform that provides access to highly vetted investment opportunities in startups. Supercharge Lab believes that the Republic crowdfunding platform empowers individuals and startups, and levels the playing field for retail investors.

Thanks to this platform, everyday investors are given the unique opportunity to invest in small companies and participate in their growth like never before.


  • Ask/Capital Seeking: 10-20% of $6.25M pre-money (Convertible/Priced Equity)
  • Application of funds: Team expansion, sales, and marketing
  • Runway: 12 months
  • Committed: $300,000 (Institutional/ Angel)


  • Amount of Raise: Supercharge Lab is seeking to raise at least $250,000.
  • Structure of Raise: CF Safe Note
  • Company Industry: Artificial Intelligence


  • $1520K Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Sales as a Service was launched in Sept 2020
  • 100+ customers and over $80M gross market value generated
  • Launch of Alpha program for Marketing Strategy as a Service in May 2021


Our clients currently operate in a variety of sectors, including Construction, Outdoor Adventure, Media, Education, Marketing, Consulting, Technology, and more. Future markets aim to include automotive, events, travel, finance, and many other small businesses in a myriad of industries.


If we’ve piqued your interest, we would like to cordially invite you to our deal room – to get you knee-deep into what Supercharge Lab is all about.

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