Sigmund API

Sigmund API is a predictive analytics platform that helps you engage your current customers. Our brand clients use Sigmund API to predict the propensity for high ROI behaviors, which leads to being able to predict the propensity to transact. Sigmund API also helps predict increased risk-taking behavior and churn.

Simply bring artificial intelligence to your campaigns with ease. 

Sigmund API is a custom API that uses psychological profiling and existing customer transaction data to predict user behaviors on demand, including:

  • Propensity of a customer to transact

  • Opportunities to increase share of wallet and frequency of spend

  • Elasticity of a promotion

  • Optimization of marketing and promotional activities

  • Audiences with a higher likelihood of churn

By identifying high ROI behaviors, Sigmund API helps you know your customers better, without ever needing to ask your customers a single question.

Sigmund API

Sigmund API’s onboarding process is as defined in the figure above.